Forms & Permits

Permits and forms must be submitted to the Public Works / Engineering office. Payments must be made by cash or check. Permits are issued during normal business hours from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., please allow adequate time for consideration of review and approval. Contact 507-444-4350 for any questions regarding Public Works permits and forms.


Permit to Open Street

  • Street Opening Permit Application (PDF)
  • 24 hours notice minimum must be given to the Engineering Department prior to start of work
  • Contractor has 72 hours (or sooner if directed by engineer) to repair the street
  • Contractor is fully responsible for street repair in kind
  • Notice: Street opening are not permitted from November 15th through March 1st

Permit for Construction of Sidewalk, Driveway, or Perform Curb-Cut

Permit to Work in Right of Way

Grading /  Erosion & Sediment Control (SWPPP) Permit


General Maintenance Request Form

Wood Chip & Firewood Sales Form

  •  Online Wood and Wood Chip Order Form
  • All fees must be payed in advance, prior to delivery
  • Limited to 3 loads of wood per year
  • Site must be accessible by a tandem dump truck
  • Please call 507-444-4350 with questions or to inquire on how to submit the order

Sump Pump (Stormwater) Compliance Form

  • Stormwater Compliance Inspection Form (PDF)
  • Used to ensure sump pump connection is compliant
  • Non-Mandatory inspections can be scheduled with the WWTF Superintendent at 507-444-2452
  • Mandatory inspections may be required at the discretion of the WWTF Superintendent

Deaf, Blind or Autistic Child Sign Request Form