Current Projects Status

2021 Projects:

  • 2021 Project Location Map 
  • To sign up for notifications relating specifically to the 2021 Bridge Street or Truman Avenue Project, visit Notify Me.
  • Weekly Updates are available on the City Engineer's Blog.
  • Washington County Roundabout U is a website created to provide guidance and information on a variety of topics related to the use and design of roundabouts. It also offers instructions for drivers, pedestrians, and cyclists.
  • Roundabout Resource: The Local Road Research Board publishes a wide range of transportation-related educational materials. The roundabout videos found on their website may be useful for those with questions regarding the use and reasoning for these traffic control measures. 

County Road 45 (State Ave) & County Road 34 (26th Street) Roundabout

Steele County Projects:

  • News Releases related to Steele County Projects can be found here.