Bus Trips


Bus trips are open to Therapeutic Recreation members and their families. Although non-members may register for any trips listed, there is a $10 dollar non-member fee.

Safety & Identification

Experienced Park and Recreation staff supervise the bus trips, and carry emergency information of individuals traveling with the group. They also determine emergency procedures, if necessary. PCAs, home staff, or parents are welcome to accompany members if their abilities or behaviors warrant assistance.


Deadlines are listed for all trips and fees are expected prior to trip day. Paid fees will be returned only if trips are cancelled due to lack of registrants or inclement weather. All return times listed are approximations. Please allow time for early returns and plan for a prompt pick up.


Details for these will appear in our newsletters with deadlines and fees listed. Our newsletters are printed quarterly, and are available at the Therapeutic Recreation office and online. Call the Therapeutic Recreation office if you would like to receive our newsletter at 507-774-7110